Spoons from the Woods

Woohoo I’m now taking Bookings for the next two “SPOONS FROM THE WOODS” June 2nd-7th and August 31- Sept 5th. Below is some weird ramblings I wrote on our return last year and is a good example of how affective a week in the woods can be! Essentially it’s an awesome week i’m really looking forward to, if you have any questions please feel free to email barnthespoon@hotmail.co.uk or call 07950 751 811. 

I’ve just come back from a wonderful week teaching in Herefordshire, the woods are so alive right now. Bathed in a world of green and birdsong, the weather was perfect, just enough rain to make sure we made the most of the sunshine when it blazed, and the trees there shelter you from both if needs be.

I couldn’t help get my feet muddy, i love the feeling of being grounded like that, like being planted. This place really is a home from home for me, and this chair is an old friend. It’s called Tillman. Tilman was the apprentice that made this chair under the tutorage  of Mike Abbott whose course centre I use for my 6 day course. There is a giant round oak table that seats twelve each sat on a different apprentices chair. For me the trees resonate through this simple functional object, made from a tree coppiced probably no more than 50 metres away then turned on a pole lathe and now aging beautifully in its surroundings. I’ve never met Tilman, though i feel connected with him through the use of the chair and a common understanding of wood.

When you cook together on an open fire, when you chop and split wood and lay a fire together, when it’s your source of warmth and light, you understand why Wood Culture is more nurturing than Oil Culture.

It is important to make time to think about an insect. The intricate and delicate functional beauty striving on through time, it’s perched on a Spoon Made by Anna Casserley I wonder if she knows how important what she does is? the ferocity with which her axe swings in her little hands, Wood Culture is back and striving onwards!

Barnaby Carder