Upcoming Events


UCL’s Festival of Stuff, brought to you by the brilliant Institute of making 19th/20th June

Great people and great idea, this institute is all about making! and is super popular with the public, seriously busy last time i was there. This time I’ll be joined by Jim Steele Windsor chair maker and we’ll be having a log to leg race! also my Blacksmith neighbour Richard. Perfect venue to spread the word on Knife Carving.



Spoon Carving at the Tate 5th/6th July

Knife carving is undoubtedly one of the greatest Folk crafts and has been seriously under-represented as such, fantastic that an institution such as the Tate is willing to change that.



Spoonfest 1st/2nd/3rd August

Me and my Mate Robin Wood set up and run SPOONFEST the international celebration of the carved wooden spoon, all the tickets sold out in the first week, it’s so fantastic that spoons have such a draw!



Skedfest 29th August

Awesome Swedish festival inspired by Spoonfest, this is going to be great. Being invited to another internation Spoon Conference is one of the cooler aspects of being a Spooner.

Barnaby Carder