The nervous laugh that is this Post title is fitting. I took the decision before leaving for last years spooning not to take a camera with me, this was in part due to the hassle of carrying one and batteries etc. The main reason though was i believe it would have distracted from the experience, the straw that broke the camels back was on a visit to the science museum with friends they had some young relatives with them and photos with their accompanying smiles were the main subject of the day. Instead of experiencing the wonder of the museum which is certainly wondrous, we were constantly focusing on proof/evidence of enjoyment which would have doubtlessly been relayed via the magic of the internet.

Throughout last year people were constantly asking if they could take a photo, i never said no, but i asked those that did take photos if they could perhaps email me a copy. Well only one person has and i just received it via the magic web online yesterday.

I must admit it is always a shock to see a photo of myself. I don't feel like that person looks like he should feel. The second photo pulls at my heart strings because he looks so sad, and then i realise it is me. Photos lie, one split second is not a proper representation of a meeting or an experience or even a feeling. Though it is hard to argue that it does not represent that split second. As someone who is completely obsessed with 3D reality i have a very poor relationship with my own.

unfortunately i do not remember this meeting, like i said i do get people asking if they can have a photo but it makes it special that Ian Horne has bothered to send these photos to me, and i am very grateful to him for doing so.

I do know the location because i have sold many spoons there and spent most of the winnings in the cafe opposite. The grass i'm sitting on is in Spitafields i'm surrounded by high rise office blocks just round the corner from Liverpool street tube station. There is an allotment behind me which was created by Paul Wylde and others from the Providence Row Ecotherapy Group. The allotment has a great variety of different things growing on it, many of which are reputed to be therapeutic which is appropriate as the allotment is on the site of old monastery that made herbal remedies. I like that right in the heart of all that capitalism there is a little allotment growing morrocan mint.

I like the little cardboard sign saying hand carved wooden spoons, it's from a pizza express box and has fancy squiggly bits cut into it. The dappled shade was perfect for carving spoons and i spent many happy hours sat carving on that patch of grass.
Barn the Spoon