Back then

back then all this was very new to me, i had a small selection of spoons five or six or something but i was  pleased with them. i hadn't sold any spoons yet that day but it was only 10 ish and they sell better in the afternoon. i was carving, like i always do, and my feet were cold as my boots are very thin and this was probably early april. i noticed a man approaching he was sketchy, i wouldn't have noticed him otherwise, but as he approached i looked into his eyes and i felt his empathy. He didn't say anything he just came over crouched down and picked up a spoon. He looked at the spoon in his hands and then back at me and he grinned, his smile was absolutely beaming, he stood up still making eye contact and said "all this, it's just an illusion" and with that he walked off with the spoon.
Barn the Spoon