Wow, well it certainly happened, and it wouldn't have happened if you didn't all come along so a big thank you for that. It seems like a long time ago now,  a lot of people worked very hard, most of us for the love of spoons and quite rightly so. There were a few however who just got caught up in all this because of Robin and I who deserve a special thank you.


I would have paid £40 just to go to listen to Jogge, he headlined our festival and was fantastic. I can be forgiven for being apprehensive that Jogge might have a bit of an ego, turns out he has an alter ego called


! I've heard that Beyounce has an altergo for "onstage", apparently this allows her to perform with


without being a complete premadonna off stage. I wish someone had told me about all this before it was too late.

Within a few minutes of meeting Jogge we had got his spoons out! and he was so excited to show us the new wooden cases he'd carved for his engraving knives, great attitude - along the lines of "look what i've made!" love that, what an amazing sharing person. This behaviour was at the heart of Spoonfest it was amazing to see so many people, new and old, sharing their passion for carving spoons.

Over the next few weeks i'm going to do some posts on the spoons I got from the "Lineup" which i thought would be a nice way to talk a little about spoon design.

We are also making arrangements for SPOONFEST 2013...watch this space!

Barn the Spoon