Change, change, change...

There has been a major shift in the way I am working, I have been apprehensive to Blog about this because I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not.

To get to where I am today has been a long and eventful adventure for which I feel incredibly fortunate. And today I have had a beautiful day in my shop carving spoons (the link is to a fantastic blog called Spitafields life).

The Shop has come about because I needed to rent some workshop space as there is no room in my new flat, as most of you will know last winter in Bristol I was living in a House that had space for a workshop and a garden - London is different.

The major shift has actually come about because Mike Abbott has given me a Tormek, it is a funny what an impact that has had on my life but it really has. To be completely honest the hollow grind I now have on all my tools has turned them into completely different tools, greatly increasing the speed at which I can sharpen and the level of sharpness too. Needless to say this has had a massive impact on my work, not least as I now need a workshop with electricity to run the water cooled grindstone. I have also changed the way I view my craft, I shan't ever stop learning but my "self taught" apprenticeship is complete, and my focus has changed from learning and finding my spoon carving groove to providing a high street service to my customers, though first and foremost I will always see myself in service of the "Wooden Spoon".

I really didn't think I would like having a shop but I adore it, and I am not missing the street selling as much as I thought I would, though I miss waking up in the woods terribly that is the only compromise I am struggling with. I have to say though I really enjoyed street selling last winter it never felt as right doing it from  a house in a city as it did from the woods, and I will always spend time doing that.

Right now I am doing my best to fill the shop with as many spoons as possible, this is proving hard with Christmas round the corner, but I am making progress. The aim is to be able to provide all spoon needs, if the shop doesn't have the type of spoon you want I will make it. I am starting a waiting list for Bespoke bent branch eating spoons which come with a lifetime guarantee, if you would like to be considered for one of these please get in contact via email and I will let you know when you can come to the shop for the first "fitting" these will be very special spoons and only for the truly dedicated spoon enthusiast. If you are wondering whether or not there is a spoon for you in my shop wonder no more! There is a spoon for everyone and you need to find time to come down and get one. My Shop is Located at 260 Hackney Rd and is the only one with me carving in it. Most of my spoons sell for £10 and the shop is open from 10:00 -17:00 Fri-Tue (i.e. the shop is closed on Wednesday and Thursday).

I Still have 3 places left for my Course "Spoons From the Wood" May 21st-26th 2013 if anyone would like to buy these as a Christmas gift (£420) I will post out a presentation "Ticket" and one of my spoons so you have something to physically gift.

Barn the Spoon