Email Amnesty

Woops I'm awful at replying to emails, in my defense if I wanted to work in an office I would work in an office. That said I'd like to think my customer service department is not too bad? anyway all apologies if you are awaiting a reply to an email, sometimes I don't know what to say and leave it too long and then I don't know what to do. There are so many now I think I have decided to draw a line under them and start again. Please check out my making contact page.

It's great to be on the move again, though I'm still very busy in and out of London and spending half my time in houses in cities, I am very much looking forward to an even simpler life returning in June. I'm sorry to say I won't be posting out any spoons this Summer, I know in my last post I suggested I might but it is not possible to keep up with the demand at the moment and I don't want to be a constant disappointment. Street selling is going well and when Autumn comes round and I settle again I intend to sell one off bent wood spoons online, the prices will start from £25 each and will reflect the time put into them, once made i'll post a photo and sell them on a first come first served basis. I am extremely excited about the winter prospects of street selling in London, and if you would like to get one of my standard artisan spoons i'm sure you can send someone to one of my regular London haunts to fetch you one.

I have been on a long journey to get to where I am now and though my hands work in the present my sights are set firmly on the future. When looking for inspiration I am really looking for guides on my journey. It is surprising where inspiration comes from, I would find it hard to name many mainstream woodworkers whose work I admire, more often than not I am looking to a few people who post online (many of whom I look forward to meeting for the first time at Spoonfest), and historical artefacts to point me in the right direction.

I know some very talented musicians, a while back when a guitar playing friend was singing a song, it was so beautiful I wanted to cry but because it was just him and me I managed to hold back, maybe I should have let go, I think i may still be crying if I had! Music is lucky to have so many teenagers obsessed with creating it, if only more of them dreamt of making the perfect spoon! but of course there are more and more people out there making nice spoons.

My good friend Tom Ball from Marthas and Arthas was in the woods where my "Green" woodwork training began, it is not possible to separate the way I feel about spoons from the music he played in the woods, just as it cannot be separated from the way an Ash tree bends in the wind and the smell of burning Birch Bark.

Music is so accessible, more often than not I find myself turning to music, whether overjoyed or looking to channel pain, it's the wind in my sails. Happiness is not a chemical it's a song that sings in your heart. If I could write music I would write you a song - spoons are the song I am singing, and I want them to sing their way into your house and to dance around your kitchen.

Barn the Spoon