Carving Video

Here's a video i've made of me making one of my Octagonal eating spoons, i'm hoping to do some more videos to talk about spoon design and how to set yourself up for carving. The video was produced by my housemate Chris, there isn't much missing he just edited out the repeated bits but i will put the full length online at some point (~14 min), the spoon knife i'm using is a bit big for this spoon because i snapped my normal one by being too strong (it may have benefited from being normalised before being hardened). Now i'm settled i am using a Ben Orford hand adze to start the hollowing but forgot to bring it downstairs so didn't bother, it only saves a couple of minutes per spoon and is quite heavy so when travelling around i don't carry one, i'm hoping future videos will be more useful but this is a start!

Barn the Spoon