Spoon Carving Courses

At last new dates for London! I apologise for the delay, it has been difficult to decide which days I can commit to so that I can work on Spoonfest and also make a visit to Scandinavia. For now I am Just putting in dates for London, those of you keen to come on a few days please book early because I may not be able to put more courses on until the winter.

Saturday 24th March Beginners 
Sunday   25th March Developers 

Saturday 26th May Beginners 
Sunday   27th May Developers 

Saturday 23rd June Beginners 
Sunday   24th June Developers 

The idea being that you can come on developers courses once you have been on a beginners, many of you will prefer to do these concurrently, but you can also then go away and practice before you come back on a 3rd and 4th day, this is an extremely efficient way of learning and though perhaps harder work for me allows you to get great teaching value for your money.

I very much enjoy teaching and look forward to welcoming new carvers as well as those coming back to perfect their techniques. These courses are unique because as far as I am aware I am the only Artisan in Britain making a living from carving spoons using just folk tools (axe/knife) to create practical utensils. I am also passionate about teaching and have extensive teaching experience (I was a professional teacher before I was a professional woodworker).

I am increasing the cost of the courses to £65 for the day, and if I move to London next winter there will be a further increase to at least £75. To soften the blow I'm giving a discount for early bookers this will be available until 14th February 2012, and will remain at last years prices £50/day.

For more information have have a look at my London Courses Page

If you would like to chat about my courses feel free to email barnthespoon@hotmail.co.uk or give me a call 07950 751 811.

Bristol Spoon carving courses

31st   March  Beginners
5th     May     Beginners
9th     June     Developers

Sorry to those I had to turn away for the last workshop, hopefully these dates will work for you if not you might be able to persuade me to do some personal tuition (but probably not now i think about it).

I now have a much larger room at the Quaker house which is turning out to be the best place ever for courses (clean, light, large and well organised) I might be able to put some photos up as some customers took photos last time. I really have been very lucky to find this venue, you've got to love a quaker! i am much more comfortable renting a space in a place like this than arty workshopy places.

Please take advantage of the early booking discount, it is much more convenient for me and saves you money. I do know what it's like i often get the coach up to my London courses and if only i would be organised and book them early i'd save £15 each time!

There's more information on the Bristol Courses Page
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