Love Spoons?

I got an answerphone message a few days ago from Anthony he had got hold of my number from someone on the internet, he wanted a love spoon and was fairly abrupt and demanding in his message. I'm not a fan of love spoons, modern ones tend to be cut out of thin boards with a fretsaw and are never used as spoons. And the whole concept of paying someone to carve a lovespoon does not sit well with me. I was planning to call the man back but kept putting it off mainly because i didn't want to have to explain over the phone why i don't carve "lovespoons". Before i managed the return call i had recieved two more messages with increasing obstinancy, he came across as a man who is used to getting what he wants. This of course has stopped any desire to call him back. i have done some postal orders of spoons but only to people i know or have at least met before. i was selling spoons through a gallery in Bristol but i have now stopped as they don't buy them up front and i sell all the spoons i make anyway so why give them 20%. That said i do sell spoons to Douggie, i like him and he is willing to buy in bulk which makes it just about worth my while and though he makes very little from the spoons they do add to his stand at fayres.
Barn the Spoon