I received some aftershave as a present from my parents and realised i have not used aftershave for several years now, in the past i have spent considerable amounts of cash on luxury soaps and aftershaves, but they became less relevent in my life. The whole concept of aftershave and smells i think is quite interesting. When at Living Wood i got quite used to only showering weekly being outdoors and around fires stopped me from being conscious of my smell and it was a hassle to boil up a big pan of water and hoist it up the tree for a shower. When i was travelling around earlier this year i just had one change of clothes and trying to maintain cleanliness was harder work, i wore natural fibres (cotton and wooll) which i reckon don't smell as bad as synthetics. The pants and socks i wore were thin which meant they were quick to clean and dry, walking a long canals there was plenty of water to wash the underwear i wasn't wearing just with the soap and nail brush i used to wash my body, i would let them dry on my backpack, i had a very thin cotton cloth that i used as a flannel/towel and that dried in an instant and was a lot cheaper than the special antibacterial towels i've seen. When in towns and cities i would wash in toilets at places such as starbucks and tesco, i felt much more comfortable in these big shops than a small independents where those that work there are much more likely to notice and disapprove of your actions, incidentally i also found this with asking for water and charging my mobile phone. To cover up my bad smell i would stand over the fire and smoke myself a little and when walking past gardens with lavendar or rosemary i would pinch a bit and stuff it in my pocket.
Barn the Spoon