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The THOUSAND Spoon Project

Big changes and exciting times ahead! Check out the video and find out more about our new epic project and beautiful limited edition spoons.

barn the spoon

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Spoons are traditional wooden utensils designed to stir, mix, scoop, strain, measure, shovel, spread and generally spoon around!

People bond with their spoons on sooo many different levels, they are in our blood as surely as they are the most ancient tools humans have used. Since the first apes shoved sticks in termite mounds hominids have had a love affair with the design and use of this wooden utensil. In our own lifetime it is the first tool we are taught to use, and who doesn’t have a Spoon made of wood in their kitchen?

Whether it’s cracking the shell of a boiled egg, supping soup or broth, measuring a scoop of tea or coffee, these tools are used the world over, they are a true symbol of our wood culture, and it is that interaction that is the key to their success. They dance and sing around a kitchen, and my axe and knife dance around a piece of wood to make them.


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