The Thousand Spoon Project

1000 Spoons from one tree

Our new epic project to turn one tree into one thousand beautiful limited edition spoons!

The Mission 

I want to take the heart of my business back to the woods where it belongs. Taking the wood from one tree, and carving it into spoons, we’re turning it into 1000 trees in a small woodland.

The Spoon 

I’m sourcing a single tree, which i will carve with axes and knives into a limited edition run of spoons to be sold individually here on my site. These spoons will be made to a new design created especially for this project.

Swedish Eating Spoon

£48 + postage

  • Alder

  • Hand carved with axes and Knives

  • + Handmade risographed wood print - A5

I will be making a Swedish Eating spoon (similar to the one shown here). Once the tree is felled I will post pictures of the actual spoons and my progress throughout the project.

(Exclusive to the Barn The Spoon online shop)

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your spoon to arrive! Any Spoons ordered after the 20th November will be sent out after the 15th of January.


Unique Wood Print

Each spoon will come with it’s own beautiful artwork - a risographed wood print - every print numbered 1 - 1000 to record it’s authenticity.

Photographer - © Patricia Niven

Photographer - © Patricia Niven

Turning spoons into Woodland 

At the heart of this project is my love of woodlands and a desire to get back to a closer relationship with nature. 

The funds from the spoons will go directly towards creating a sustainably managed woodland. I believe small scale managed woodland is fundamental to bettering our relationship with the planet. Being close to trees is the most beautiful way of connecting with the earth.

Through managing trees, you’re not only creating diversity, and doing useful physical work but also you’re getting back that connection which is so good for your soul, and creating a fantastic site for sharing that with others. 

And, we’ll be growing the perfect materials for the craft, not only for me but for the next generation of spoon carvers!

Support us! 

Get involved and support Barn in his mission to turn 1000 spoons into a beautiful patch of woodland for green wood workers to enjoy.


See me in action 

This summer the project will be my companion, on my travels whilst promoting my book - carving the spoons as i go. If you’d like to meet me and see these spoons being carved, look out for me at your local bookshop.

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Barnaby Carder