Well it's been a pretty busy week! last weekend was the Bodgers Ball which is the annual get together of the Pole lathe Association.  Bodgers used to knock out Windsor chair legs on Pole lathes with great skill and at high speed in the olden days. They always have a "log to leg" race at these get togethers, turning a beautiful pair of matching Windsor chair legs. A very competitive sport and much more entertaining than watching competing sawyers or pole climbers, it amazes me that no one has taken the idea and run with it. With the new craft revolution on the horizon it is a perfect time for someone like http://www.stewartlinford.com to turn these talented young bodgers into profit, and then the Pole lathe not just brought back from near extinction, would be alive and kicking thriving in a modern world that adores beautiful products handmade with skill. 

So you might have seen a nice little video made by John Galliver about my shop for the BBC News website, if you'd like to see it search barn the spoon bbc and it should come up with it, anyway a lot of people have got in contact which is great though i am notoriously bad at replying to emails : (

One of the best/funniest events that have come about because of the video was the arrival of a couple of spoon holsters in the post with a little note saying made these on a whim after seeing your video, if you want any for your shop please get in contact. I don't sell other stuff in my shop but it may well be something for Spoonfest, unfortunately i don't wear a belt but my Longest serving apprentice Owen Thomas is modelling them below. I think they are brilliant and the must have gift for all spoon lovers! If you want one get in contact with Roth via the link below.

Spoon on people!!
Barn the Spoon