Bent Branch Spoons

I have just been staying in a nice little wood which was lovely after a few hectic days of birthday celebrations. I am very happy to be in a City for the winter, but i do crave getting back on the road, not least for the solitude, i miss my time alone with trees very much. 

I was staying with friends Olly and Lily who are introducing a seven year hazel coppice rotation to their wood. I am usually interested in the straight hazel for my octagonal eating spoons, and have come back from the woods with enough straight wood for a few hundred spoons, but this time i was also looking for some bent branches, these i wanted particularly for making birdy caddy spoons (more on this another time). Below you can see one of the forks ive brought back with me, i find it easier to split if you leave it as a fork even if like the one just below i will probably only get one spoon out of it (because of the knot).

This fork shows how i've cleft the two spoons out, these spoons have the same style neck and handle as my cooking/serving spoons on the "for sale" page. I like the way they've both come from the same branch, and obviously the grain follows the bowl which makes them more durable and some claim more comfortable to eat with. You can buy this pair of special spoons with my makers mark on each spoon for £45 (this includes postage)
Barn the Spoon