How Many Handmade 3D Objects do you own?

It strikes me that although often i am a massive fan of modern life, for example the wonders of YouTube (being able to watch a video of a Romanian Spooner), and the availability of beautiful high quality music at the click of a button. So few of us seem to own beautiful handmade objects, things that actually exist in 3 dimensions not just as pixels on your computer. I am trying to make a concerted effort to spend less of my money on cheap consumables, and more on quality crafted 3D, things i can pick up and use without plugging them in or using WiFi.

It is a very sad fact that i have spent more money this last month on coffee than craft items, this is not because i don't crave them, there are loads of things i would love to own and use, but i never have the money to buy them because i waste it on crap i don't need.

But i am not alone, there is a city phenomenom where people put stuff outside their house they no longer want, i have furnished my room this way and have not paid a penny for a bed, chest of drawers, corner cabinet and shelving unit, i have also recently got a new hat, pencils and all sorts of stuff that is just left outside the front of peoples houses. Yesterday it only took 20 minutes for our old microwave to be taken and we'd only put it outside because we got another second hand one that was in better nick. It is nice that we do this, but it would be naive to suggest this is just through altruism, in the most part it is done because the objects though useful have no real value at all, if they had value they could be sold, and if sold they would be valued at less than £10-20 which is negated if you are employed by the cost of selling them.

Watch this space! if i don't post about something beautiful i have bought this next month then consider me a failure and pull me up on it.
Barn the Spoon