Home Sweet Home/The Spoon Laboratory

Declaring the summer was over caused a heat wave, which has been fantastic. In the photo below is my new eating spoon, my last one broke after experimenting with using a dishwasher, i now don't recommend putting wooden spoons in the dishwasher! This dark brown spoon was made in birch and was the last one i couldn't sell from a large batch. I've been using it since August and it's been stained from making coffee and has now been oiled with walnut oil.

Thinking a change might be good i tried several different designs of eating spoons but i couldn't find one that worked better than my standard octagonal handled ones. Having said that i have been making extra long versions (between 9-12 inches) which have a lovely recurve in them, the recurve prevents you holding the spoon upside down by accident when in the dark, this only happened to me once and was hilarious, it also has a lovely balanced feel to it, has a greater reach and is brilliantly flambuoyant. When i get round to it i'll create a page of spoon photos and you can see a lot more of my different designs in more detail. The Spatula was a moving in present for myself i now own five or six spoons of my own, the other spoons in the rack are my friends spoons i made a few years ago.

I've got hold of a load of lovely London Plane which has a fantastic grain and some amazing bends that i'm turning into ladles, the knots are destroying my knives but sharpening now i'm in a house is ridiculously fast.  This is because i can store more tools such as my japanese waterstones, they cut so much faster than the DC4 ceramic i've got which is so hard it takes a lot of toing and froing. It's so good being able to use all my different spoons for research and development.
Barn the Spoon