Old Spoons!

 I made this spatula around 7 years ago from an ash log, which i always tell people is not a great wood for this kind of thing, it was actually made when i was camping to scrape baked beans from a mess tin, i liked it and took it back worked on it further and sanded it before giving it to my Mum, she uses it daily.
 These are spoons i made from Cherry last december they have been used regularly, they have a carved finish at the time i was reasonably pleased with them but they now seem quite crude.

 These are spoons i made a couple of years ago the nicer ones have been sanded, it is very easy to get the desired shape with sand paper but it is a slow process and not as enjoyable.

the scoop with the leather thonging is one of the first spoons that i made following Green Woodwork (11 years ago), it was turned on a pole lathe, you split the turned billet in half before hollowing the bowl, the spoons were very functional as scoops but weren't very pretty, in those days i was very much into using abrasives these days i feel abrasives take the life out of hand carved objects.
Barn the Spoon