i always carry nutmeg with me, it is widely known as the best of all the spices and for good reason. Nutmeg can be bought as whole nuts as in the first picture. The red stuff in the picture directly above is called mace it's the aril of the seed and is sold separately. You get a lot of flavour from that little nut and it will last you a lot time, i tend to just take micro shavings off the nut with one of my carving knives, i'll have to try get a photo of one i've used because when it's cut off rather than grated you get to see the beautiful grain it has. i add nutmeg to my museli which i normally have with hot water (carrying milk is a hassle  and it goes off), but it goes well with most meat dishes and a cheese sauce without it is just a waste of time. being a hard nut it travels well, i normally just have one in my pocket.
Barn the Spoon