King for The Day (article i wrote for Big Issue)

well sorry this is a lazy way of doing a blog!

I wake up and give the queen a massive kiss she has morning breath but thats okay cos I love her. I must admit it feels weird being king and Im not sure I agree with it entirely but thats all very complicated and Ill just go with it for now.
Yesterday before I was king I was a travelling spooner, hiking and hitching about the place sleeping in woods carving spoons and peddling them on the streets of Great Britain. I am lucky that I enjoy my lifestyle very much, being completely in love with wood and woodlands and almost too obsessed with spoons peddling is for definitely for me. I have all the kit I need to be comfortable in the woods. But when Im in towns and cities I notice a distinct lack of public toilets and if you can find one it has silly handwashing machines with no drinking water taps. As king I would create many more public toilets with a lot more readily available sources of drinking water, I guess tax payers have their own water and toilets at home. Id also like there to be more footpaths and less barbed wire.
One of the real blessings of peddling is that I get to meet many lovely people on my travels and I get to see old friends now and then, but I do miss Spoon Club. When I lived in a static caravan I used to have Spoon Club on Saturdays, it was open house and everyone knew that they could come round whenever and carve spoons. Wed all just sit around whittling wood whilst chatting and drinking tea and coffee. Those that could afford it would bring along some sausages and there was always plenty frying away for everyone. As King I would do a massive spoon club probably in one of my forests everyone could come and Id make sure there were plenty of tools for people to take home so they could carry on spoon clubs all over the place. Imagine if everyone had a spoon carved for them by someone that cared about them, I really like that idea.
Barn the Spoon