wash kit, this stuff was kept in the annoying pocket on top of the bag, the green bag actually contains a poncho, for the first half of my journey i was carting around a gortex jacket that never got used as i'd have to take the bergen off and root around in it first, inevitably the rain would pass or i'd expect it to or i'd just get so wet i thought i may as well not bother with it, so i dumped it in exchange for the poncho, the poncho is much smaller so was closer to hand, because it was cheap i didn't mind using it as a groundsheet or whatever. Plastic things get you just as wet from sweat if your working so i actually don't think waterproofs are really worth it for a british summer, but a couple of time this poncho saved me from a complete downpour, and if i'm sat on my pack it keeps us all dry, so maybe it's worth it. i normally just use soap and a nail brush for washing anyway, i don't shave so that saves on razor at least, bar of soap is not expensive lasts a long time and is easy to pack, the nail brush gets you and your kit really clean, i normally scrub my clothes with the soap and nail brush too. i pick at my teeth with a stick to keep them clean, and have recently been told by a dentist that they're in good shape, but i'm not convinced (and i don't have a girlfriend).

Barn the Spoon