you can't travel very far without having a drink, and if there's no water where you're travelling you've got to carry it. supposedly an adult needs between 1.5 and 3 litres of water a day. i tend to drink a lot of tea or coffee which is not the most efficient method of hydration. The more food you eat the more water you need to drink, so i found my unhealthy diet a real burden in the weight of extra water i was carrying. i just carry 1.5 litre bottle of water, i'll fill it whenever i have an opportunity and i'll also drink water whenever i have the chance. i have sourced all my water from taps, though i know some people that would drink from a puddle even in a town. i say all my water from taps but actually sometimes when i knew i would be without running water for a couple or more days i would buy some water from supermarkets, value/own brand bottled water is very cheap usually around 14 pence that would get you a brand new 2 litre bottle of water everyday for a year for little more than £50. Compare to the water bottle i was recommended the MSR - Dromedary 2 litre £27. It can be hard to source water in towns and cities too, public toilets are a very rare thing these days but even when you do find them they have a weird hand washing machine that dispenses soap and hot water and then attempts to blow dry your hands. 2 litre plastic bottles, they're one piece blow moulded PET plastic with radial corrugations on the base for strength, and they have a resealable screw top, i like them.
Barn the Spoon