This all fitted in that grey drawstring bag in the photo which came with the bivvy bag i bought. i always carried some museli with me which i usually ate with hot water out of my metal mug with the spoon in this photo (the spoon was made by Dietrich the Journeyman), i found disposable plastic bags from supermarkets an incredibly useful resource and will be posting much more about my views on supermarkets. the brown stuff in the other plastic bag is loose leaf Earl Grey tea, i think Earl Grey is a beautiful infusion and no need for milk and sugar so very easy to prepare, the leaves settle to the bottom of the mug much quicker if the water is properly boiling. throwing tea bags away in the woods always feels awkward but discarding a few leaves seems just fine. being a coffee monster it was a hard decision not to take coffee with me but it takes up a lot more room than tea and is much more expensive, early in the year the urge for a coffee would drive me on to get to the next village/town, but by mid summer i decided to give up coffee in london as it costs so much in cafes. The last straw was watching people getting drunk on special brew for less than it cost me to perk myself up with a bit of coffee (i've got a feeling they're both a waste of money). The lighter was always to hand for making a quick brew, i prefer bic lighters but got this clipper from somewhere. salt and pepper were always worth having about particularly in scrambled egg, though the salt sachets start to go soggy quite quickly. the nutmeg is a hardy companion and always makes me smile even when i don't use it.
Barn the Spoon