The only spoons that i will be offering online before I come back from my American trip will be pre-orders for the 1000 spoon project

Measuring spoons

Measuring out ingredients is an essential part of kitchen alchemy but these spoons are all useful and beautiful in their own right.

Cooking Spoons

A world without a large selection of spoons must be awful but if you are to have just one spoon it should be a cooker. You can’t stir food with your hands.

serving spoons

What can be a more beautiful experience than using a wooden spoon to humbly serve some nourishment to a loved one.

eating spoons

Eating spoons are the most intimate spoons and the hardest to get right. Makes a good one even more special. 

Courses, Books & Gifts

My new book!

I am excited to announce that my book is now ready for pre-order, the book shares some of my thinking on trees and wood culture, with a basic "how to" section showing the techniques i use and a load of information about the beautiful tools of the trade. This is followed by 4 chapters covering 16 styles of spoons going into more detail about how to make them and why they are designed that way all supported with glorious photos including 3 profile shots of each spoon to help you make them. This book should prove interesting and useful to anyone who loves trees and wood, cooking and spoons, or the art of Spoon Carving itself!

A full day of Spoon Carving with me, Barn the Spoon

All my spoon day classes are run at The Green Wood Guild, a beautiful little woodwork school that I set up. Book the course date directly at the The Green Wood Guild or buy the physical gift voucher from this site, which can be redeemed against any place on a Barn the Spoon Day.

This class acts as a perfect introduction to knife and axe carving, with no previous woodworking experience necessary. I use my unique expertise, combined with extensive experience in teaching, to provide an entertaining workshop packed with secret knowledge, and vital skills.

Using fresh wood, and authentic techniques, you will learn all you need to turn a bit of branch or log into a beautiful functional spoon using axes and knives.

We focus on carving techniques that will allow you to carve safely with confidence so you can create at home too. Spoon carving is great because the tools required are small and transportable, so you don’t need a workshop or a workbench – you can even do it in your own front room! These classes are also designed to provide you with a strong foundation to create all sorts of carved objects.

And after soaking up as much as you can in the class, we also have a monthly membership available, allowing you to continue building your skills, while exploring a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in the craft!