What am I?

Carver? Whittler? Artisan? Master Craftsman? I genuinely couldn't care less, there are a tiny handful of people who get the kind of relationship I have nurtured with my work, I do not need my customers to buy into or understand where I am coming from. 

My customers tend to like buying something functional, that it is locally made with local materials sustainably resourced, they like the closeness to the maker, I hope that this enhances their experience when they cook/eat, I know my collection of utensils gives me a more enjoyable and nourishing experience. My shop provides all this information with the blink of an eye, perhaps you can tell how dirty a corporation is by how expensive their marketing needs to be, imagine if they just played you a live feed from their factory! that's all i do.

I am a specialist, I have chosen to focus on one product, and I have found deepening this relationship has enhanced my understanding and feelings for all other things I do. 

I am bored of marketing teams jumping on the craft band wagon, it seems you cannot escape the hand crafted propaganda these days! I distance myself from craft, I barely know what it means anymore. As a sole trader i am in charge of all aspects of my business - marketing, PR, sales, finance etc and I do all i can within this to subsidise the maker this is why my customer service is lacking and why you probably won't get a reply to your email. But it is also the reason why I enjoy my job....does that matter to you as a customer?

Am I a Master Craftsman? well no, there isn't a guild of "Spooners" with some protectionist racket that I could pay to label me as such, sometimes I think protectionism is perhaps a good thing, but i certainly can't be bothered to set up a guild.

Artisan? no not really.

Am I a whittler? 

I just make functional spoons from Trees that have been felled in London that would have otherwise been chipped, I make these spoons in my little "Spoon shop" where people come and buy them to take home and use.

If I need a label just use barn.

Barn the Spoon